• Emilija DamjanovicEmi Noris was born in Skopje,Macedonia.  
  • Her driving forces in life are music, fashion & art.
  • She graduated on the  Faculty of music art in Skopje,and works as  music teacher.
  • After graduation she had one year training in fashion design with the established Macedonian  designer Nikola Eftimov ,after which she has started a visual exploration of  the identity and personality of woman in fashion, trough handmade collage art in big format.
  •   40 collage artworks from that project were shown on solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Macedonia and the  USA.
  • In 2009, she designed the costume and jewelry for ethno performances of Internationally known Macedonian female choir Sv.Zlata Meglenska (in which she was a member). The costume was first time shown on UNESCO peace concert in Venice,  Italy.
  • In 2012 year, she started her jewelry label Emi Noris ,using plexiglass (plexiglas /acrylic/perspex) and mixed materials.
  • Her collections were shown on Skopje Design Week;  Mixer Design Festival -Belgrade;  D-day Zagreb;  Sofia Design Week;  Skopje Fashion Weekend etc.
  • In 2013 and 2015 , she participated on Beijing design week ( International Jewelry Art Exhibition in Beijing, China)  
  • 2016 , she started the  fashion label FUNKAHOLIC .

1995-group exhibition of fashion drawings-designs ARM gallery Skopje
1997- project" Earth "-handmade jewelry (cley)
2002- Hysteria and Belle Epoque- group fashion show -Museum of contemporary art Skopje
2009-project "A country" -Costume for ethno performances of the female choir Sv.Zlata Meglenska-first time shown at UNESCO peace concert april 2009,La Fenice teatro Venice Italy.
2011- project "A country "- Parade costume for the female choir Sv.Zlata Meglenska.
2011- project "Sugarplum fairy" -handmade jewelry.
2011-project "Sugarplum fairy"- (new collection-long earings) -handmade jewelry
2012- Workshop and exhibition of contemporary jewelry design.-National Gallery Mala Stanica, Skopje
2012- Jewelry market- Youth cultural center ,Skopje
2012-MIKSER design festival- Belgrade (jewelry exhibition)
2012-Sofia design week (jewelry exhibition)
2012-D-day Zagreb design festival (jewelry exhibition)
2012-Workshop and presentation on "Brand identity" - Skopje design week
2012- Skopje Design week (jewelry exhibition)
2012-Contemporary jewelry exhibition-Brussels-Belgium
2012-MATA- Craft Art Fest -Skopje
2013 Brand management in fashion industry-Workshop- USA Embassy &Skopje Fashion weekend.
2013 -Skopje Fashion week SS/2013-project POP fashion! USA Embassy,Skopje
2013-Art & design Fair -NOVA -Skopje
2013- Forum & workshop -Creative industries- British Council Macedonia
2013- Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition. Beijing design week 2013 , China
2013- Skopje design week- Pop Up Outlet store.
2014-Skopje fashion weekend SS 2014 , "In the F key" (Female key) Jewelry exhibition
2014-Concept 37, Skopje -Solo exhibition -Jewelry and collage art
2014- Paratissima (Torino)- Contemporary art fair, Skopje,
2015- Paratissima - Group exhibition -Youth cultural center ,Skopje –Promotion of jewelry collection “Crossover”
2015- Skopje Kreativa- Festival of creative industries- Skopje 
2015 - Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition. Beijing design week 2015 , China
2016- fashion line  FUNKAHOLIC
2017- jewelry collection INFLUENCER
2017- Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition. Beijing design week 2017 , China

            Paratissima Skopje  2015

  • Eco info about Plexiglas: Owing to its properties, plexiglas is primarily intended for the   manufacture of durable, high-quality articles and less so for products meant to be consumed and disposed of within a short time. Thanks to its resistance to aging and weathering,plexiglas remains fully functional even after many years of service, and does not need to be replaced at an early stage. Given correct fabrication, plexiglas releases no pollutant substances to the environment. At the end of its product life and after careful separation from other materials, plexiglas can be used for energy recovery and chemical or mechanical recycling.Plexiglas scrap is not classed as hazardous waste.     


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